Take your story anywhere

adverCar is weaving your brand’s message into the fabric of consumers’ lives. We use our proven technology platform to couple your message with everyday drivers. Your story becomes the topic of conversation in any active community, from the water cooler to the soccer field.


Who is leading the way

Brands are buzzing

Everyday drivers are brand enthusiasts. With the impact of social media, connected consumers integrate your message into their active lifestyles and engaged conversations.





Who is leading the way

New Orleans Hornets

“adverCar came in with some great ideas and visibility to help push the team to a record-setting ten thousand tickets sold!”


Who is leading the way

Take 5 Oil

“adverCar increased net sales 25% vs the control group and we had over 500 paper and photo coupons redeemed. We will be using adverCar in all of our new market initiatives.”


Brands we partner with

A variety of brands are already working with adverCar to connect with consumers on a local level, purchasing fleets of adverCars to complement their media strategy.


What we do

Through our technology platform, adverCar matches everyday people – moms, runners, engineers, music lovers – with great brands.  Much more than busy drivers, they are advocates and loyal supporters of your product or service.



A trusted recommendation

“If adverCar can match enough advertisers with drivers who already support their products, the ads will feel less like an unwanted invasion and more like a trusted friend recommending their favorite companies.”



Where we do it

Woven into the community

Drivers take your campaign into the suburbs, cities and beyond. Expanding far beyond the home and office, your message is connected between friends within an involved network in active communities everywhere.


Always on the go

We're buzzing around town

Our drivers help your brand go the distance-and go there often. They’re weaving your message through parking lots, neighborhoods, and supermarkets. With elegant ad decals, your message is noticed by everyone in the community.


Constantly connected

Link up with a social audience

Through tweets, emails, and face-to-face, the conversation continues into the digital sphere. adverCar drivers flow your story in with a digitally linked audience, providing for a verifiable and share-able response.


A local presence

Throughout the neighborhood

It’s easy to become the talk of the town. Whether it’s at the water cooler, soccer field, or grocery store, we’re all about going local. Through the snap of an Instagram photo or share of a Facebook post, the buzz also integrates into the social sphere.


“In the last week or so, my family and I have seen three different cars with food advertisements on them. I believe this idea is a symbiotic relationship between the consumer and advertiser. Not only did it make my family want to go eat at the restaurant, but made me want to become a client of adverCar."

Cory Williamson
Father and recent adverDriver

How we do it

Connect & share

Once drivers and brands are matched, the possibilities are driven further. We’re interested in the metrics for your campaign, tracked by our sophisticated technology platform. Ensuring your campaigns are measurable, meaningful and proven, we’re leveraging our drivers, making sure they’re telling your story in the right place, at the right time.



Tracking progress

adverCar delivers a trusted method of social sharing within the relevant community for you. Driver–chosen based on commute route, car color, demographics, activity levels, and more–are carefully tracked to monitor your ad’s progression and success.



Personal impact

Progressive brands, like yours, and drivers are connecting to establish impactful relationships. Drivers are much more than commuters. They quickly become your personal brand ambassador, influencer, and engager; empowered by sharing your story.



Tying it all together

Careful consideration allows us to appropriately match your campaign with everyday drivers. Using a proprietary algorithm, drivers are screened for safety, given background checks, tracked through GPS route validation, and more.



What is adverCar?

adverCar is an out-of-home advertising company that utilizes fleets of consumer vehicles to give advertisers exposure to specific markets and hard to reach places at a very competitive price. The desired audience will see the campaigns in their own neighborhoods every day. For example, the “fleet” will be seen when they are driving to work, to school, to the doctor’s office, soccer practice, or the mall.


"It's two parts—first you can get into smaller, localized markets that regular outdoor can’t do. And, if you want to say hello to competitors that helps as well. You can strategically target certain people or groups of people within the area or market."

Criss De Cicco
Media Buyer for Sleepy's

Brands and Agencies

If you are a brand or advertising agency, interested in receiving pricing information, please email sales@advercar.com